Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Save a Cat's Life!

Funny Morpheus Cat Meme

I Have to Run as Fast as I Can - Funny Cat Meme

I Had Fun Once - It Was Horrible - Grumpy Cat Meme

Wild Animal Documentary - Animals Savage Season - Full Documentary

Wild Animal Super Lion special National Geographic

Epic Funny Cats Jump Fail 2014-2013

Cats knocking sh!t over

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Elephant in the Living Room Trailer (Official) & National News Coverage

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Directed by Michael Webber - The Elephant in the Living Room is an award winning documentary film about the controversial American subculture of raising the most dangerous animals in the world as common household pets.

Available on the Netflix streaming service.

CAT saves BOY from DOG makes NEWS

"Tara, the family cat, comes flying into frame and straight-up tackles the dog away from the boy! Then Tara chases the dog back around the car to make sure he doesn't go after the kid again. The boy's mother must have been nearby because after the cat takes out the dog, she pops into frame to help her son."

Saturday, December 20, 2014

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws


Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws

I have been doing these Caturday posts for so long I actually call Saturday, Caturday all the time now! I just don’t think I would ever do a post on Saturdays without featuring cats somehow. But that being said these posts don’t have to feature the whole cat! It could just be about a particular part of their bodies…

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Cat paw appearing under door

10 – Reach out and touch me

To be fair to the cat that is one big gap under that door! I always like those cat videos that show the cats squeezing under doors and small holes, their little heads almost seem to pop! But here we see a single leg reaching or indeed attacking something.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws

Cat paw reaching for food
9 – Will reach for food

Most felines do love their food, but yet most of them are also rather fussy at the same time. But those kitty nibble treats are always a winner and they will do whatever they need to do to get them. Like reaching under a door like this!

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
 Cats back legs sticking out from a box

8 – A little help here?

It doesn’t always have to be the cats front legs sticking out that gets a smile, as this image of cats rear legs sticking out that gets a smile from me. But I am sure it doesn’t need any help, just a bigger box maybe.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
 Cat paw reaching for food from behind laptop

7 – Pawfect Food Steal

I would imagine that if you saw this happening at the side of the laptop you would find it very funny indeed. So well done to this person for getting a photo of it. I don’t think the bun is a high priority, but that burger inside is going to be saying bye, bye quite soon.
Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Cats paws coming out from under a box

6 – Wearing a Mask

We have already seen that cats love boxes in my post “Top 10 Best Images of Cats in Boxes” and this image shows that you just need a few cat paws sticking out to make a well timed image that brings a smile to most peoples faces.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Cat on a glass table

5 – See Through Paws

This is what it looks like when you stick a cat on a piece of glass. Seeing those long back legs really brings home how powerful they are as well as being useful for hunting and playing.  Seeing the cats feet like this makes me wonder if it hurts when their claws come out like Wolverine.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Cat paw teddy

4 – Teddy Pawskin

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Cat paw appearing around a laptop screen

Not all cats have a paw shaped like a teddy bear. In fact some breeds of cat have 6 toes all the time! But that doesn’t stop it from being one of the cutest things you are going to see, and this very fluffy cats paw is the perfect example of it.

3 – Is it my go yet?

I have been known to concentrate on a game now and again, and get so into it that I don’t notice what is happening in the world around me. So if this happened to me while in that zombie like state I would probably scream like a little girl and launch the laptop into space.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Cat reaching out of a wall

2 – Here’s Johnny!

When a cat owner realises that his beloved pet is stuck in the wall, he quickly tries to free his loved pet (hence the screwdriver on the floor) but sadly the cat thinks it is all fun and games and tries to attack him when he pokes his finger through the hole to make it bigger. This is the resulting image.

Top 10 Funny Images of Cats Paws
Cat claw attacking leaf

1 – Leaf me alone

This finial image not only shows those deadly cat claws to full effect, but also shows the child like innocence a cat has. Always playing, always reaching for something. But this is all part of them hunting. That big cat DNA that means they have to train and become amazing hunters.


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