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Australia Silently Stopped Testing of Food Imports

Something to consider when feeding your kitty.

The north Pacific Ocean is already contaminated by large amounts of toxins and pollution from dumping into the sea by China, a world leader in pollution, and formerly by the United States during decades of unrestricted development with minimal environmental safeguards.

However the largest nuclear disaster in history, Japan's Fukushima nuclear plants melt-downs have added significantly to the nuclear contamination of the Pacific and affected not only fish and other food from Japan but also USA, China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.
Less than one year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011, by its own admission, the Australian Government's Ministry of Agriculture all Caesium134 (134Cs), Caesium137 (137Cs) and Iodine131 (131I). Iodine131 (131I) testing ceased in early 2012 based on advice from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).
Apparently in the interests of big business rather than the Australian public the government stopped all testing for nuclear contamination doing so on the advise of ARPANSA and FSANZ. Meanwhile the maximum safe levels for contamination were increased silently and without any media fanfare twenty fold in 2012.
FSANZ also reported that Australia's Department of Agriculture ceased all testing of food from Japan. Correct, the official website itself declares that the Department of Agriculture decided on 23 January 2014 to not only stop testing for nuclear contamination, but to stop testing of any kind on food imports from Japan.
Tuna and sardines even from Thailand, far from Japan, canned many years ago and still available for sale with an expiry date later this year have been tested by independent persons with suitable equipment and found to have high levels of radiation:
“With these sardines coming from Thailand and not from Japan, I would say the whole Asian region is feeling the effects of the Fukushima melt-downs, so it's not just Japan that the food is being contaminated from but the whole Asian area. With Japan using (a million) gallons of water daily to cool the melt-downs this water is going right into the sea into the (Pacific) Ocean”.

What the health authorities have done in Australia (and elsewhere on the planet) is criminal, and will be genocidal when people start succumbing the effects of low level radiation poisoning.

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Trippy Upside Down Cat

What Cats Do At Night...

Cole and Marmalade

Purranormal Cativity! … Ever wondered what your cats get up to under the cover of darkness and why you hear those strange noises at 3am?

Here's a glimpse in to the night time activities of Cole & Marmalade!


Purranormal Cativity!

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Australian's Alien Big Cats

They are called Alien Big Cats. They are big cats that roam the outback of Australia. Where they come from and how they got there no one knows.

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Is This Cat Going Up or Down the Stairs?

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Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals

Editor's Note: One of the strongest paranormal experiences I ever had was feeling a kitty (that wasn't there) jump on the bed and walk over and snuggle up next to me. At first I  thought one of my cats had jumped on the bed, I was certain of it. Then I looked down, saw no cat was there, but yet felt the last few footsteps and the snuggling up. My wife had independently and unbeknownst to me experienced the same thing. These events happened shortly after losing her most beloved kitty of her life named Buzzy and stopped after getting a new kitty that looked and acted very much like him named Stripe.

In this beautiful dialogue Dr. Linda Bender discusses our connection to animals and her book ‘Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals’. She graciously covers the
human superior-inferior complex with animals, the treatment and consumption of animals today, and the importance of grounding spirituality and developing resilience.

Linda Bender, DVM spent 14 years living in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, devoted to
her veterinary work which included the rescue, rehabilitation, and protection of wildlife. Her interest in spirituality and healing led her to found the Mind the Gap Wellness Center, as well as, one of the first pet-therapy program in Cincinnati. She is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization From the Heart. As an educator and author, Dr. Bender is dedicated to advocating for animals around the globe. She is author of Animal Wisdom: Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals which has
been endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Larry Dossey and

Eldon Taylor

How is it that ? How can dogs detect cancer with up to a 98 percent accuracy rate, and foresee epileptic or diabetic seizures in their owners? In Animal Wisdom, veterinarian and animal advocate Linda Bender offers a wealth of amazing research-based evidence indicating animals have deeply perceptive—even extrasensory—abilities.


Dreamland: Ghost Pets

Why Cat Racing is so Boring

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