Thursday, September 3, 2015

Petition: To Stop this nonsense of wanting to eliminate cats


A letter to All Australian embassies and government

The Australian government, many times , have made mistakes in wanting to control animal behavior (rabbits, foxes, kangourous...).

This time they are calling to kill all cats found outside the homes to "save other species". You never achieve to save by killing. Especially mass killing.

People in Australian government, stop saying you like cats and start using your brain and all resources to "save these disappearing species".

For instance, create groups of veterinaries or volunteers to feed and sterilize outdoor cats and make campaign for sterelization. This will surely help, even if it is impossible to take care of the whole cat population. They are surely other things to do

Stop treating any animal like garbage. We want we don't want, they could do this , or not. They are living beings. Treat them with respect even if you don't like them.

Personally, I will boycott everything Australian from now on, and never step foot on their land.

And it's not because one defends animal rights that one is opposed to all human victims of the same macho-barbarism. We must protect the weak, all children, men & women, ederly and animals.

Please join me in this battle.