Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ludicrous Cat Feeding Bans

Cats need you to stand up for humane policies. Give Now. 
Mayors sign ludicrous feeding bans so good people like you can’t care for community cats. Lawmakers propose bills that perpetuate outdated shelter practices and kill cats. Counties refuse to pass lifesaving Trap‑Neuter‑Return (TNR) ordinances. 

It happens all the time. 

Thank you for pledging to fight for humane policies for cats. You know that cats are relying on us—and you! When cities and states try to pass DEADLY policies for cats, Alley Cat Allies steps in. But we can only advocate for humane policies if you take your support to the next level with a generous gift today. 

Recently, the Alley Cat Allies community helped achieve a critical win in Virginia. When members of the state senate tried to squeeze language into a bill that would have allowed shelters to kill cats without trying to find them adoptive homes, Alley Cat Allies sprang into action. 

And just last month, we helped cat lovers in Hawaii successfully get a bill deferred that would have made it illegal to feed cats on public land. 

Although we prevailed in Hawaii and Virginia, new bills like this are being debated all the time in cities and states nationwide. We need your support today so we can act at a moment’s notice when state and local governments put cats in danger. 

Your gift will support all of our work to save cats’ lives—including the critical outreach we do with cat advocates, shelters, and elected officials. We’re working to educate communities, fight for humane policies, and proactively advocate for cat-friendly laws so fewer emergencies arise. 

It all comes down to this: Alley Cat Allies can only succeed with your support. Make a gift today to make sure we’re able to block every attempt to legislate against cats’ lives. 

Becky Robinson  Sincerely,
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Becky Robinson
President & Founder
Alley Cat Allies

P.S. The battles in Virginia and Hawaii were close calls—and they are an important reminder of what could happen if Alley Cat Allies isn’t there to mobilize people and be a voice for cats. Make a gift today to make sure cities and states pass humane policies for cats.