Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Learn About The Canines Who Are Saving Africa's Threatened Wildlife

today's actionLearn About The Canines Who Are Saving Africa's Threatened Wildlife
Wildlife trafficking is one of the greatest threats facing Africa's iconic elephants and rhinos, which are routinely slaughtered by poachers for their ivory and horns. But thanks to the African Wildlife Foundation's first class of new sniffer dogs we have a new tool to fight this deadly trade.

Sniffer dogs roam airports in Tanzania and Kenya – both major hubs for sneaking illegal wildlife products out of Africa. As they search luggage, they use their noses to hone in on the smallest pieces of ivory or horn, which would otherwise go undetected by X-ray machines or human screeners.

Sniffer dogs can sniff out everything from full tusks, to delicate ivory rings, and even ivory dust. And since the beginning of 2016 these dogs have already made over 20 finds of illegal wildlife products! All they ask for in return – a tasty treat and a pet on the head.

For today's Daily Action, meet some of these amazing sniffer dogs, learn more about their work, and thank the team for helping put a stop to wildlife trafficking!